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The products you receive in your bundle are designed to replenish your skin and encourage you to spend more time on yourself. Not just for your skin’s health, but for your inner wellness too. This is entirely possible thanks to MGC Derma’s exclusive AQUIOL technology, which harnesses the plant power of Aquiol, allowing it to sink effortlessly into your skin, as well as many other effective vegan ingredients sourced from nature.

what is Aquiol™?

AQUIOL™ is an exclusive process of combining Aquiol with water, owned by MGC Derma. It means that 99% pure Aquiol is absorbed into a water based formula, making it safe and easy to transform into effective Aquiol skincare products without losing potency. This incredible formula can also enhance the effectiveness of other skincare ingredients.

Aquiol makes for a wonderful addition to your skincare routine. It is renowned for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing effects and works harmoniously with your endocannabinoid system to restore balance. You can expect reduced puffiness and redness, and a smoother complexion.



Brilliant product for dry skin. I work long hours outdoors and often find my skin dries out very quickly. I’ve always struggled to find products that actually work for me but MGC Derma’s range makes my skin feel soft and protected.



Using these products on a regular basis as part of an everyday routine has made my face look brighter, firmer and younger. Highly recommend it.



I’m new to Aquiol skin care but I can safely say I will stick with these products from now on. The difference it has made to my skin is amazing, plus my problem areas have cleared up and I feel more confident as a result. Thanks!



I love the face scrub and moisturiser. It creates such a smooth, glowing result. 



The products smell great, last ages and actually work. A little goes a long way and the absorption is impressive, allowing me to put my makeup on over the top with ease.


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